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360 degree survey
Designing a 360 degree feedback survey
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Answering a 360 degree feedback survey is a cognitive process that can be quite complex. For each question a respondent must execute four steps: Interpret the question and deduce its intent. Search their memories for relevant information Integrate whatever information comes to mind into a single judgment. Translate the judgment into a response, by selecting…

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Conscientiousness: Meaning, Application and Opportunity
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A Practice Five Reflection. Conscientiousness is one of those universally recognised attributes that most leaders look for in an employee. It is known as one of the “Big Five dimension traits”. In that format, persons with a low score on conscientiousness are characterised as “ impulsive, careless, negligent, late and disorganised”, whereas persons who score…

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Addressing Dysfunction in Teams Webinar recording (3 May 2018)
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If you missed our webinar on Addressing Dysfunction in Teams (or would like to re-watch it) here is a link to the recording: webinar recording link.  Don’t miss our next webinar on Relational Capacity in Leadership to be held on 19 July 2018.

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“Relational Capacity” in Leadership Free webinar with Dr Paul Gibney
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Free webinar Thursday 19 July 2018 – 11 am AEST The work environment has shifted significantly over the last decade and so has the type of leadership needed to create successful outcomes. Research shows that great leaders are required to be both goal-oriented and people-oriented. In a sample of 60,000 managers, only 0.77% were perceived as having…

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Leadership, Humility and Mission
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A Practice Five Reflection. In recent weeks, I have conducted a number of workshops with various widely differing groups on a series of topics from working in teams, to successful professional supervision practices, through to maintaining professional identity, effectiveness and satisfaction over a career. The workshops were held across regions covering a large geographical area.…

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Professional Supervision Webinar recording
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If you missed our webinar on Professional Supervision here is a link to the recording: webinar recording link. Don’t miss out on our next webinar on Addressing Dysfunction in Teams to be held on 3 May 2018.

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Performance: Not just a word or a cliché, but a CRITICAL CONCEPT.
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Performance: A Practice Five Reflection. Performance is a word that is thrown about in many forums regarding professional capacity, service delivery and leadership. It has also become unfortunately associated with the concept of less than optimal employee engagement and results delivery; in those cases, the employee providing lacklustre engagement and results finds him or herself…

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Addressing Dysfunctional Teams webinar with Dr Paul Gibney
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Free webinar Thursday 3 May 2018 – 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time Very few aspects of organisational life compromise leadership, culture, effectiveness, service delivery and positive outcomes as much as dysfunctional and destructive behaviour in work groups. Problematic behaviours from individuals, cliques, particular teams and/or rogue managers can completely disrupt and derail well-developed strategies and poison…

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Feedback and Reflection: A Process for Continuing Excellence in Leadership
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In his entertaining and informative book, Legacy, James Kerr (2013) outlines the All Blacks principles of establishing an effective and winning culture, and of exceptional leadership. One of their principles (now taken by many other organisations and teams) is stated in the humorous phrase “No Dickheads”. The principle essentially states that teams should not employ…

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A Paradoxical Task of Leadership
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A Practice Five® Reflection It is very common to read the traits of successful leaders and to read the tasks that successful leaders often undertake to ensure the success of their ventures. In fact, the descriptions of successful leadership qualities and, how to foster and instil those qualities have become an industry in itself. It…

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