360 Degree Feedback

The concept that ‘Feedback is a Gift’ has been promoted recently in the media (Bersin, 2015).
  • Feedback is a gift to give (i.e., we should give it kindly and with respect) and
  • Feedback is a gift to receive (we open it carefully, take it with respect, and thank the giver).”
Giving and receiving feedback is an essential part of leadership. Getting honest feedback is a challenge that a 360 degree feedback survey can meet particularly when administered by an external provider.

At Practice Five we have developed our own proprietary software for administering 360 degree feedback surveys. Our software handles questionnaire design, administration, participant and rater emails, progress and reporting.

Whether it is using our Practice Five® framework or another survey set we can provide a range of integrated and tailored services for self-assessment, 180 degree, 360 degree and 720 degree survey administrations. Our qualified coaches can design customised coaching sessions based on your people’s results and deliver them in a variety of formats.
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360 degree feedback report sample pages

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