Online Leadership Course

People moving into their first leadership role typically receive no training prior to their promotion. They struggle with the transition from one of the group to the leader of the group. Often their role models are flawed. The Practice Five® framework is a comprehensive yet easily integrated framework that is delivered electronically over a number of weeks. It has the advantage of being available just when people need it i.e. when they first assume a leadership role.

The majority of people have little or no leadership training when they are first asked to take on a leadership role. New leaders tend to base their approach on leaders they have known either as role models or anti-role models. What’s more, while young adults are technically savvy, they often lack the people skills needed in leadership roles.
Built in the latest social learning software, Practice FiveTM Leadership Portal leverages current leadership knowledge and neuroscience practices to make learning transferrable. Content is presented in small pieces to keep interest and to ensure minimal interruption to service delivery. Every module includes practical content, video, activities, learning tasks, handouts and practice sheets.
Coaching sheets are provided for supervisors so that they can help integrate the learning of their direct reports.

In 2013, Management Research Group (MRG) completed a large-scale global study addressing this question. Their research showed that great leaders are both goal-oriented and people oriented. In a sample of 60,000 managers, only 0.77% were perceived as having both goal and social focus. (Kabacoff, 2014).
Therefore, there is a need to teach both strategic and social skills in organisations.

The Practice FiveTM framework has a two-tier structure and outlines 12 practice aspects that contribute to excellence. The first eight practice aspects (covered by the acronym PRACTICE) are focused on personal practice. Developing in those eight aspects will vastly improve the performance of practitioners in their current role and will orient them towards leadership. The second set of four practice aspects (covered by the acronym FIVE) provide a basis for developing excellence in leadership.

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