Change Consulting

Organisations are a complex tapestry of relationships, values, goals, culture and rules. Performance outcomes are a balancing act where customer, employee and shareholder needs must be addressed. Get it wrong in one, and all suffer. You can implement new systems, processes and markets, but if you don’t get people’s behaviour to change then a lot of value will be wasted.

At Practice Five we know how to get behavioural change. We understand how to convert a driving ambition for change into reality. Our consulting services help you to develop the knowledge, tools and skills to maintain the new paradigm after it has been embedded.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of organizations including telecommunications, finance, government, energy, recreational, retail, wholesaling and allied health services – as a result, our consultants can provide expert opinion and great context no matter which industry your business is in. Practice Five offers a full range of change consulting & training services, for projects such as:

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