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Practice Five is a management consulting company that supports the development of your leadership talent and organizational success. Our services are built on our knowledge of organizational success developed over years of consulting, academic teaching, writing and coaching.

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The very nature of leadership ensures that each leader is a distinct (and distinctive) individual. But observe carefully and you will notice that the best leaders share certain traits and patterns. Emulate these traits and patterns, and you may develop the habits necessary to become a great leader.A dilemma facing those who aspire to leadership, however, is the question as to whether they have a lifetime to devote to observation and study, or whether they need some decisive results right now. Or maybe even yesterday.

A Training & Consultant Business For Leadership Coaching

Practice Five is a training and consultancy business providing leadership coaching for those who need to develop the habits of highly effective leaders in a hurry. Our business leadership coaching condenses a lifetime or two of observation into simple methods you can follow to bring out your full leadership potential.

Quite simply, coaching and leadership are not mutually exclusive. Great leaders did not start out that way, although some people have higher natural aptitude for the role. In every case it is essential to have some foundation upon which the leadership potential can bear fruit.

A natural born leader without any education will be ineffective because while he or she may be able to inspire others to take action, their decisions will not be informed ones.

Conversely somebody who is highly educated but has little aptitude for leadership will also be ineffective in a leadership role because he or she may know exactly what to do, but not how to properly motivate a team to get the job done.

On the topic of leadership, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery once said, “Get your major purpose clear, take off your plate all which hinders that purpose and hold hard to all which helps it, and then go ahead with a clear conscience, courage, sincerity, and selflessness.”

Obviously FM Montgomery’s remarks were intended for digestion by military leaders, but the civilian leader would certainly prosper from understanding these remarks and incorporating them into their personal leadership style.

In essence the meaning of the remarks can be interpreted as:

  • Set clear goals
  • Delegate those tasks which hinder your purpose
  • Always act with integrity
  • Have faith (the courage to see things through)
  • Be sincere in your effort and your dealings with others
  • Avoid selfish endeavours. Make your efforts for the greater good

Obviously a leader who can act with these principles as foundations of their leadership style will earn the respect and willing effort of subordinates, while also having the best chance of being recognised and rewarded by superiors or by public sentiment for courageous and astute leadership.

This is a good start, but there is so much more you can learn about leadership and later put that learning to use for you. If you would like to discover your full leadership potential and claim the rewards that come from this discovery, talk to the experts in business leadership coaching at Practice Five today. Call now on (07) 3123 5577.

Practice Five are your management consulting experts offering the unique 360 degree feedback system allowing for much better business leadership training. We also have a range of business development training & leadership developmental programs.

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Leadership Portal

Leadership Portal

Provide leadership development when your people need it – when they first assume a leadership role.

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360 Degree Feedback

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Our strengths based approach to executive coaching is founded on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology and our years of consulting to organizations.

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