Business Leadership Training

Practice Five is a management consulting company that supports the development of your leadership talent and organisational success. Our services are built on our knowledge of organisational success developed over years of consulting, academic teaching, writing and coaching.

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Business Leadership Training Will Strengthen Your Managers

Some people are born to lead, and others have to be led. Still, others may need to be led along the path to leadership, as while it may not always come naturally, it can be learned.

Business leadership training is the tool that can guide a newly hatched manager along the path to becoming a fully-fledged leader. Many people deceive themselves into believing that a manager is synonymous with a leader, but in reality, one can be a leader without being a manager, and one can certainly be a manager without being a leader.

What makes the distinction so important is that unless you develop within yourself the required mindset to be a true leader, it is impossible to ever be anything more than a mediocre manager.

One of the main reasons why the founders of Practice Five put in the effort to establish the most innovative online leadership training course available in Australia today is that they felt there are already more than enough mediocre managers and failures. It is time to create a new corporate culture where leadership is a core organisational focus.

Business leadership development needs to be practised not only at the managerial level, but at every level of the organisation, so that each individual is equipped to make the best possible decisions in the best interests of the organisation and feels that in doing so they will also be acting in their own best interests.

This is what builds a strong corporation and allows that corporation to take its rightful place as a leader in its industry.

Even if it is a fact that business management and leadership are separate concepts, it is equally a fact that when the two are combined, the outcome will be most favourable.

Make your organisation stronger by ensuring key decision makers and future decision makers are given the best preparation. Talk to the experts at Practice Five today and find out how we can help you with our business leadership training programs.

Our trainers are accomplished business leaders themselves, with many years of experience and an impressive list of credentials. They will provide students with the guidance necessary to bring out their inner leader.

Leadership is an attitude. The attitude of a true leader is to always seek the best outcome while inspiring others to do the same.

To be effective as a leader is impossible without having the respect of those who are being led, and this is impossible to gain without the leader also respecting those he or she is leading.

For information call (07) 3123 5577 and ask about our business leadership training.

Practice Five are your management consulting experts offering custom 360 degree feedback system allowing for much better business leadership training. We also have a range of business development training & leadership developmental programs.

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Leadership Portal

Leadership Portal

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360 Degree Feedback

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Executive Coaching

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