Organisational Coaching

Practice Five is a management consulting company that supports the development of your leadership talent and organizational success. Our services are built on our knowledge of organizational success developed over years of consulting, academic teaching, writing and coaching.

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Bring out the best in the people in your organisation with our proven organisational coaching methods. Developed by psychotherapist Paul Gibney in collaboration with organisational change and human resources expert Ken Dagley, these organisational development coaching systems are the best way to achieve measurable results.

The common characteristics of successful organisations are:

  • A culture of fostering leadership at all levels
  • Situational awareness
  • Effective communication

These three essential traits are requirements for reaching the highest levels of success, regardless of the organisation type. Paradoxically, where many organisations are failing is on the very first of these traits, because they do not have a culture of fostering leadership at all levels, nor do they understand the importance of doing so.

Proper Organisational Training Can Improve Your Leaders Skill Set

It is true that some people are born leaders, but nearly everyone, has leadership potential. A good senior leadership team will encourage that potential in each and every employee.

Fail to do so, and the organisation itself can never hope to reach its full potential. This is not to say it is the only factor that will contribute to the success or failure of an organisation, and indeed many organisations struggle by in sublime mediocrity without a blip of awareness or concern for the state they are in, but you should not want this to be your legacy.

A few decades ago the US Army’s recruitment motto was “Be all you can be”. Today it is pushing a more selfish message: “An Army of One”. This is due to a (possibly unfair) perception that priorities have shifted in present generations toward a more selfish outlook.

Of course once the recruit actually arrives in the Army, those notions and tendencies to selfishness are rapidly stripped away, because the Army could not function without the willing selfless service of those who work within it.

“Be all you can be” is a beautiful motto to live by, and it can apply to an organisation just as easily as it can apply to an individual. It is what you should aim for. It should be what you want your organisation to be (all it can be), what you want of yourself (all you can be), and what you want of your staff (all they can be).

Part of helping your staff to be all they can be is to help them recognise that it is not a situation of “This is all I can be”, but one of “Hey, look at all I can be!”.

When your staff are striving for their personal best in an unselfish way, they will achieve a greater sense of satisfaction in their work, develop a greater pride in their achievements and their place in the organisation, and normally will also improve their productivity or effectiveness.

To find out more about how Practice Five can help your organisation reach its full potential, call (07) 3123 5577.

Practice Five are your management consulting experts offering a customised 360 degree feedback system allowing for much better business leadership training. We also have a range of business development training & leadership developmental programs.

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Leadership Portal

Leadership Portal

Provide leadership development when your people need it – when they first assume a leadership role.

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360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Practice Five has developed our own proprietary software for administering 360 degree feedback surveys.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Our strengths based approach to executive coaching is founded on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology and our years of consulting to organizations.

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