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At Practice Five we believe that organizations succeed or fail based on the quality of leadership demonstrated throughout the organization. Our services are designed to create a context for great leadership. That is why we believe that you should invest in leadership development in a way that brings about a shift in culture; an integrated approach to facilitate high level of cooperation and performance.

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The Practice FiveTM framework is different because it bases its foundations on the concept of practice. Whether you are an individual contributor or a senior manager you engage in the practice of your work. The concepts of practice and practitioner provide a unifying reframe which eliminates problematic us/them binary thinking and its resultant difficulties.

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Our services are built on our knowledge of organizational success developed over years of consulting, academic teaching, writing and coaching.
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Management Consulting & Training

Practice Five is an Australian company providing high quality consulting and training services to corporations and individuals all around the world. Our services include:

  • Management training
    • Executive coaching
    • Leadership training
  • Management consulting
    • Change consulting
    • Employee engagement consulting
    • Teams consulting

Our Management Training & Development Services

Under the guidance of psychotherapy guru Dr Paul Gibney and organisational change expert Ken Dagley, the talented coaches and business experts at Practice Five will guide your teams through the best management training and development courses available anywhere in the world today.

You can measure the success of our online training for managers by the increase in productivity and unity your organisation will experience after working with our coaches and consultants.

Throughout the year, we regularly conduct webinars and workshops which have been warmly received by the business community, and which have provided valuable leadership insight to business managers worldwide.

You will not find better executive management training anywhere, and we have now made the bulk of our offerings available as affordable and convenient online e-learning modules, so they’re even better value than ever.

Our training is:

  • Effective
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Affordable

Consultancy Services

If you feel there are areas where your business is not really pulling its weight, or where there is considerable room for improvement, you may be right. The problem you might face is deciding how to improve those areas in the most effective way.

This is where Practice Five consultants can help you. The first clear advantage is that you will have an independent, impartial outside observer to help you identify specifically where problems are likely to be originating.

The even greater advantage is you will receive clear and comprehensive advice on how to resolve the issues for the benefit of your company.

At Practice Five we know that just because a solution has worked before doesn’t mean it will work again (or in another setting). Our diagnostic approach unlocks the unforeseen consequences of previous interventions to provide options for greater productivity and outcomes.

Poor workplace morale, heightened competitiveness between individuals, reduced team cohesion, team dysfunction and reduced employee retention are all probable outcomes in businesses where employees do not feel valued and secure. These will all prove expensive if not dealt with effectively and promptly.

Of course there is no room for complacency, which can be just as bad for productivity in the long term. This is why we offer a 360 Degree Feedback process to realise the potential of your leadership teams . Utilising this business strategy can lead to dramatic improvements all by itself.

For the best advice and evaluation, talk to the experts in business management at Practice Five today.

Practice Five are your management consulting experts offering the unique 360 degree feedback system allowing for much better business leadership training. We also have a range of business development training & leadership developmental programs.

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Leadership Portal

Provide leadership development when your people need it – when they first assume a leadership role.

360 Degree Feedback

Practice Five has developed our own proprietary software for administering 360 degree feedback surveys.

Executive Coaching

Our strengths based approach to executive coaching is founded on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology and our years of consulting to organizations.

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Influencing Organisation Culture Webinar recording
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If you missed our webinar on Influencing Organisation Culture, here is a link to the recording: webinar recording link.  

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A Framework for Personal & Leadership Excellence Webinar recording
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If you missed our webinar on A Framework for Personal & Leadership Excellence, here is a link to the recording: webinar recording link. Don’t miss out on our next webinar on Influencing Organisational Culture to be held on Friday 16…

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Influencing Organisational Culture – Free webinar with Dr Paul Gibney
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Free webinar Friday 16 November 2018 – 11 am AEDST Organisation culture is said to be the most controlling system. This webinar will explore the theory and practice of influencing culture in organisations and examples of successful and failed interventions. Culture…

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