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A framework for Personal & Leadership Excellence – Free webinar with Dr Paul Gibney

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Paul Gibney

Free webinar Thursday 20 September 2018 – 10.30 am AEST

Organisations succeed or fail based on the quality of leadership demonstrated throughout the organisation. Do you have a unifying model of leadership that facilitates high levels of cooperation and performance? People often find themselves in leadership roles without preparation, mentorship nor quality support. Poor practice and poor leadership is rarely challenged, and the resultant culture of low morale and cynicism grows.

This webinar will look at a framework that is an intervention of professional effectiveness.

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In this webinar Dr Gibney will cover:

  • Some Critical Key Concepts
  • The Practice Five Framework and Methodology
  • Personal Practice
  • Leadership Practice
  • Turbo Charging you leadership.

This free 45-minute webinar will be held at 10:30 am AEST on Thursday 20 September 2018. Click the registration link below to register and receive the connection details.

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