“Relational Capacity” in Leadership Free webinar with Dr Paul Gibney

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Paul Gibney

Free webinar Thursday 19 July 2018 – 11 am AEST

The work environment has shifted significantly over the last decade, and so has the type of leadership needed to create successful outcomes. Research shows that great leaders are required to be both goal-oriented and people-oriented. In a sample of 60,000 managers, only 0.77% were perceived as having both goal and social focus. (Kabacoff, 2014). While graduate and postgraduate programs focus significant time on analytical skills, relational skills remain largely problematic.

This webinar will look at the theoretical and practical skills to address relational capacity in leadership.

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In this webinar Dr Gibney will cover:

  • identifying relational capacity in leadership
  • understanding the neuroscience behind our social brain
  • provide a model for improving your personal practice
  • discuss how to mould interactions into productive patterns that support a successful culture.

This free 45-minute webinar will be held at 11 am AEST on Thursday 19 July 2018. Click the registration link below to register and receive the connection details.

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