3 ways to dramatically improve your organization

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Changing Organizations

Organizations that are sustainably successful do things differently to others. Their people produce more, stay longer and encourage others to join them. According to Spreitzer and Porath (2012) there are two factors that successful employees have: vitality and learning. Our own research has identified three key components that will engender vitality and learning.

  1. Create a Culture of FeedbackFeedback needs to occur in a climate of support and learning if it is to be a truly system changing process. Feedback needs to occur up, down and sideways to create an open partnership between giver and receiver.
  2. Invest in Leadership Development – Developing leadership skills at every level of your organization will greatly improve your effectiveness. Leaders influence the culture of your organization through what they pay attention to and the conversations they have.
  3. Encourage Excellence – Excellence is achieved through cooperation. High levels of cooperation throughout your organization has to be facilitated by deliberate leadership, partnerships and negotiation.

There is a key process that will deliver on all three organization culture elements: Professional Supervision.
Professional Supervision is about a commitment to professional learning, reflection and excellence. We believe building supervisory relationships that are robust enough to enable leaders and employees to have frank discussions regarding enterprise goals, performance and learning, will ensure that an organization delivers at its optimal capacity. Professional supervision done effectively should produce trust, openness, accountability and standout results.
That is not to say that these are the only things you need to do. If you want to dramatically improve your organizational success, they are a great place to start.

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