Can you meet the needs of emerging leaders?

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In 2013, Management Research Group (MRG) completed a large scale global study addressing the question of ‘What makes for a great leader?’ Their research showed that great leaders are both goal oriented and people oriented. However, in a sample of 60,000 managers, only 0.77% were perceived as having both goal and social focus (Kabacoff, 2014).

The impact that leaders have on an organization cannot be overstated and yet the majority of people have little or no leadership training when they are first asked to take on a leadership role. New leaders tend to base their approach on leaders they have known either as role models or anti-role models. What’s more, while young adults are technically savvy, they often lack the people skills needed in leadership roles.

Our workshop – Developing Leaders Changing Organisations – introduces a practical approach to new leader development. Built on sound management concepts and the latest neuroscience research, the workshop will introduce the Practice Five Framework and explore a strategy for just-in-time leadership training.

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