The Importance and Value of Professional Supervision webinar with Dr Paul Gibney

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Paul Gibney

Free webinar Friday 16 February 2018 – 11am Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Professional Supervision involves a prolonged relationship between a supervisor and a direct report, and a commitment to development, organisational engagement and availability. We believe that professional supervision is at the heart of organisational success. Registration link

Dr Gibney will present a model of supervision, the conditions necessary for success and detailed examples of how to (and not to) make it work to the benefit of direct reports, you and your organisation. In this webinar Dr Gibney will cover:

  • A definition of Professional Supervision
  • The application of Professional Supervision
  • The key dynamics of Professional Supervision
  • The importance of the concept of “practitioner” to the matter of staff engagement
  • The value for the organisation.

This free webinar 45 minute webinar will be held at 11am AEDT on Friday 16 February 2018. Click the registration link below to register and receive the connection details.

Registration link

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