Free webinar: Addressing Dysfunctional Teams webinar with Dr Paul Gibney

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Very few aspects of organisational life compromise leadership, culture, effectiveness, service delivery and positive outcomes as much as dysfunctional and destructive behaviour in work groups. Problematic behaviours from individuals, cliques, particular teams and/or rogue managers can completely disrupt and derail well-developed strategies and poison culturesRegistration link

This webinar will change the way you think about dysfunctional and destructive behaviour and look at the theoretical and practical skills to address these and to replace them with positive initiatives. Registration link

In this webinar Dr Gibney will cover:

  • identifying dysfunctional and destructive behaviour

  • discerning if a problem is person-specific or interactional

  • give examples of how to provide a structural analysis of complex and repeating destructive cycles of workgroup interaction

  • discuss how to mould interactions into productive patterns that support a successful culture. 

This free webinar 45-minute webinar will be held at 11 am AEST on Thursday 3 May 2018. Click the registration link below to register and receive the connection details.

Registration link

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